Why is SEO important for your business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is more than just getting you website to rank in the search engines.

Yes, the aim of SEO is to do just that, get your webpages to be the top of the pile and be king of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for whatever keyword phrase you are aiming for.

But SEO is much more involved than just “buying” top position in the search results. You can buy a “top position” but that is Paid Adverting (PPC), and only gets 2-6% of the possible clicks to your website for a specific keyword phase, if you’re lucky.

SEO is MUCH more valuable to your business, but it takes a lot more effort than some SEO companies have you believe.

Paid Advertising has its place, it provides an instant and predictable flow of visitors to your website, it can provide valuable keyword data that is invaluable for SEO, but it has limitation and costs.

SEO has costs as well, but has the disadvantage of taking time to implement and see results.

The BIG benefit though, is that it can grab a much bigger slice of possible searchers than PPC can. A top “organic” position can grab 30+% of the available traffic (for a single keyword) and that traffic is much more trusting in your business than those coming through a paid ad, meaning, better conversions into actual buyers.

Do you want 2-6% of poor quality visitors or 30+% of high quality visitors?

Which would your business prefer?


So, SEO is IMPORTANT if you want your business to grow.


To really get SEO working for you and your business, you have to realise it will take some hard work and commitment. You will need to work on:

  • Company Mind-set – Top down
  • Planning – everything should have a purpose
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Adjustment
  • Time consuming

How to Speed SEO Up:

  • Use Experts – they have already put in the time to learn and test so you don’t have to
  • Have clear Goals – use your experts to advise but give them your vision
  • Implement systems and processes – The best way to keep track of what to do and when
  • Outsource repeatable tasks – “many hands make light work”. Get the jobs done.
  • Use technology. Extend your reach and capabilities, automate and track

SEO is like having a Jigsaw puzzle with no picture, each individual SEO puzzle peace (SEO tactic) looks simple, but not knowing where to put it or how it fits in to the bigger picture makes it almost useless.

SEO touches on almost every aspect of your online presence, from your online marketing activities, the words and images on your pages to the marketing message you promote across social media, paid advertising (both print and digital)